Why We Hate Vulnerability…but Have to Have It

I am most certainly not an expert on this topic, but I saw the most powerful video yesterday and felt compelled to share it.  Vulnerability happens to be one of my least favorite emotions!

What Brene Brown is saying is that without vulnerability we don’t live a “whole hearted” life.  We start to feel disconnected with the people around us and shame, fear and unworthiness start to creep in.  We’re unable to feel true gratitude and joy.  What is so great about this video is that she is a hard core analytical researcher and through six years of research she came up with her conclusions.  Conclusions that absolutely rocked her world.

She’s also very funny!  I hope you get as much out of this as I did.  I love to share things that could make us all better parents and happier people in general.

Tell me what you think of the video in the comments!!

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