Kill ‘em With Kindness

Just a quick post today for Random Thoughts Thursdays.  I wanted to write about something that really annoys me and what I do to combat it!  Have you ever walked into a place, whether it be a person’s house, a store, a coffee house, etc. and had someone be totally and completely rude to you?  For no reason at all, you haven’t even had a chance to tick them off yet!!  That makes me crazy, especially when it’s in a professional establishment.  There’s just no excuse for bad customer service.

happy face photoI do understand that people have bad days and sometimes they take it out on a complete stranger because they are “in a mood”, or maybe they just don’t like the way you look, move or breathe!  In any event, I decided a long time ago that when I ran into that type of individual I was going to take a moment (so as not to react poorly) and then kill them with kindness.  You know what?  Most of the time it works!  I have completely turned people around just by being REALLY nice to them.  Sometimes the person is just determined to be rude and there’s not much you can do for them.  In those circumstances I just thank God I’m not them!!  LOL

It’s not always easy to do this.  If I’m tired or not in a particularly great mood myself I may not be able to muster the energy it takes…  however, if you can, I highly recommend it.  Both of you leave the interaction feeling much better about your day.

What do you do when you run into bad behavior from strangers?  Tell me by posting a comment!!

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