Eco Friendly Cleaners On The Cheap!

Make your own cleaners photoGreen Tip Tuesdays is always about a quick tip that can help you to go a little greener.  Today I thought I would talk to you about cleaning products.  There are so many toxins in cleaning products it’s frightening.  It’s not just about what we are spraying and wiping throughout our own homes, however,  it’s also about what happens to those cleaning products when you’re done with them (i.e. they get washed down the drain).  This is really detrimental for the environment and for our own general health.

So what is the alternative?  Well you can of course find eco-friendly cleaning products in the stores and those are great, I use them myself.  Some work better than others so you may need to experiment to find the ones you like.

Another option, however, is to make your own!  You can use common household items to create your very own cleaning products.  Here’s the basics from Eco Cycle:

  1. Baking Soda – Cleans and deodorizes. Softens water to increase sudsing and cleaning power of soap. Good scouring powder.
  2. Borax – Cleans and deodorizes. Excellent disinfectant. Softens water. Available in laundry section of grocery store.
  3. Soap – Biodegrades safely and completely and is non-toxic. Available in grocery stores and health food stores. Sold as liquid, flakes, powder or in bars. Bars can be grated to dissolve more easily in hot water. Insist on soap without synthetic scents, colors or other additives.
  4. Washing Soda – Cuts grease and removes stains. Disinfects. Softens water. Available in laundry section of grocery store or in pure form from chemical supply houses as “sodium carbonate.”
  5. White Vinegar or Lemon Juice – Cuts grease and freshens.

Ok, so what do you do with these products?  Well check out the huge list that Eco Cycle has published.  They provide recipes for every task and every room in the house!

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  1. Yes i agree with you…basically all natural cleaning products like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, borax and laundry detergent are very useful for all cleaning purpose, it depends what type of stains you have, Simply using these products definitely it will works..

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