Stand for Women Around the World

My company, Teagan and Mack, is a very big fan of the organization Women for Women International (WFW) – so much so that I created The Teagan and Mack Sisterhood Program that uses a portion of our profits to help women in war torn countries through WFW’s powerful program.  We are currently supporting a woman named Angela in the Congo.  You can learn more about Angela HERE.

For today’s Family Fridays post I wanted to highlight families in another part of the world and what these women/moms are currently going through.  WFW has put out a short but urgent update to their subscribers in the following video.  I wanted to pass it along to you.  I think it’s really important to stay connected with what is going on with other moms, not only in North America, but also all across the globe.

Sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it causes me to jump to action but it always makes me stop and be thankful.

Sudan Photo

Standing with the Women of Southern Sudan

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