13 Things To Do With the Kids That Are Free!

Ok, I took a couple of days off from writing to be kind to myself.  (See my post on Stop the Madness…The Power of Saying No!)  Feeling refreshed now and ready to write again!

For Family Fridays I thought a great post would be one to give you creative ideas on what to do with your kids…for free!  So here are thirteen ideas to give you a start.  I’ve done all of these things with my kids so I know they are a hit!

  1. Story Time at the Local Library
    Look at your local library’s website.  They will often have activities for toddlers and children that are free and fun.
  2. Indoor Playground at the Mall
    This is especially great when the weather is bad and the regular park is not an option.  Many malls are putting in great indoor playgrounds and the good part is that they are usually enclosed so you can sit down and relax for a little while, while the kids play!
  3. Pet Store
    The pet store is a big hit with my kids.  Find a pet store that has an adoption agency for rescue animals within it so they will have dogs and cats along with the usual birds, hamsters and fish!  My girls have so much fun looking at all the animals, but beware…set the ground rules before you go in so they know you won’t be bringing the animals home when you leave!!
  4. Go to a Lake and Feed the Ducks
    We have a little lake full of ducks right beside our public library.  We love to save up old bread and then make a trip to visit the ducks.  Always a big hit.Free things to do with kids
  5. Family Bike Rides
    Simple and fun.  If you have little ones get a seat for the back of your bike or if they are a little older a trailer bike works great.  Then the whole family can go together and ride at a normal pace.
  6. Build a Fort
    Let your kids take all the pillows off the couch and give them a couple of blankets, they’ll come up with something fun and then will want to play in it after wards!
  7. Stargazing
    Go outside at night and look up at the stars with your kids.  Try to find constellations or make up shapes that you see in the stars.
  8. Hide and Seek
    We played a good game of hide and seek with the whole family, our two year old included!  It was a lot of fun and made us laugh a lot, especially since Teagan (our two year old) would jump out of her hiding spot every time, instead of letting us find her!
  9. Photography
    Let your kids use your digital camera and see what they come up with.  Take them to a nice spot where they can take pictures of interesting things (plants, flowers, anything you can think of, even a stroll around the backyard can work)
  10. Create a Play
    Have your kids create their own play and then perform it for the family!
  11. Baths – Just for the Fun of It
    My kids love taking a bath…especially when they know it’s just for play and they don’t have to wash their hair!  They jump in the tub and will play together for quite a while before getting their little water logged bodies out!
  12. Pick Wild Flowers, Dry Them and Then Make Art Out of Them
    Find some flowers around your house or in a field, preferably NOT the neighbor’s flowerbed!!!  Press them in a book and then come back in the next day or so and make art work out of them.  Glue them on paper, make cards for the grandparents, etc.
  13. Collect Rocks Then Paint Them
    This starts off as a great walk and exploration.  Then when you come back the fun continues with painting the rocks they found.

Hopefully this list inspires you to do even more fun things that don’t cost a dime!

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