Get life back in balance with this simple tip…

It’s Workin’ Women Wednesdays and today I thought I would share an exercise with you on how to evaluate where your time is currently being spent and compare it against your ideal goal of how you WANT to be spending your time!

Life gets busy and if we don’t stop once in a while and review what we’re doing it can get out of balance pretty quickly.

First, write down different categories that encompass where your time is being spent.  Then based on the number of hours you are awake in the day, figure out the percentage of time spent in each category.  So it would look something like this:

balance scales photosFamily – 30%
Work – 30%
Personal Development (exercise, nurturing yourself, spiritual, etc) – 20%
Social – 10%
Household Chores/Errands, etc – 10%

Everyone’s list will be different so choose categories that describe your life and be honest!  That’s the most important part of this exercise.  Then write down what your core values are.  The things in life that REALLY matter to you.  Look at where your time is currently being spent – does it relate to your core values?  Then think about where you want your life to be – where you truly want to be spending your time and rework the numbers and categories as necessary.  When you find that you are doing things that don’t align with your new model then stop them and replace them with tasks that do.

Let me know what you do to get life back into balance by posting in the comments!

Thanks to my business coach Brian Tsuchiya of Startup Guru for this great exercise!

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2 Responses to Get life back in balance with this simple tip…

  1. Lisa Cratty says:

    SO easy to get off balance!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Laura Jensen says:

    Thank for posting Lisa! Great reminder – so easy to get off balance. I have to remember why I wanted to work from home – so I could be with my kids!


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